Exploring Text Mining and Data Analysis Approaches in Reserch

Exploring Text Mining and Data Analysis Approaches in Reserch


Melva Costanty – Humas FEB

DEPOK – Text mining, also known as text analytics, is the process of analyzing textual materials to capture key concepts and themes and uncover relationships and trends without you requiring precise words or terms that authors have used to express these concepts. The process primarily focuses on classification and prediction, as we as finding patterns from the text by converting texts to numerical format.

The text mining also can be used in academic research. For example, long term stock index forecasting based on text mining of regulatory disclosures and text mining approach to understanding customer satisfaction: Voice of Airlines Passenger.

Arga Hananto sharing the text mining and data analysis on the workshop “The Introduction to Text Mining with R”. The workshop held by Departemen Management on Lab. Computer, Departement Management Building, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia, Depok Campus (07/11/2019).


The workshop was introducing the text analysis used package tidy to identify the keywords, from journals using software called R Studio. Text mining has few stages, such as collecting data, data pre-processing and data analysis. After the data collected, the data imported to create a corpus. The next step is to remove whitespaces, convert to lowercase, stopwords, part-of-speech tagging, stemming/lemmatization. The process called transformation. The last stages are data analysis. Data analysis can be converted into word frequency and visualization. collocation (Bigram and Trigrams), concordance, and text classification.

Arga Hananto, lecturer of Departement Management and the trainer for the workshop said the reason to choose the software. “The software can be used to analyze the text in large quantities. This is free and open source software. We can use it without thinking much about the payment,” he said.






Arga shared few tips to the participant who wants continue explore the software. “You can look for an online tutorial to used R Studio on the internet. But you need to practice the techniques and do trial and error,” he added.

The participant of the workshop are lecturers and teachers assistant of Departement Management.

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